The Challenges for the Drone Information Services in U-space

IMPETUS deliverable D2.2 has been approved! It focuses on the elucidation of the information services that will be needed to realize U-Space.

Complementarily to the domain analysis conducted in the prior IMPETUS deliverable D2.1, a
top-down has successfully organised all the information into a coherent operating picture that reveals:

i) how drones are envisioned to be operated in U-Space;

ii) what information is needed to support drone operations (and why);

and iii) how such information might be produced.

The result is a thorough rationale that provides –to the best of our knowledge, reasonable answers
to the gaps and challenges that U-space services are facing to a considerable extent of detail and completeness.

The public deliverable can be downloaded here:  IMPETUS D02.02 Drone Information Services

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