The U-space Big Picture Day showcased IMPETUS preliminary results

Pablo Sanchez-Escalonilla, Project Coordinator of IMPETUS, showcased the IMPETUS project results on microservices, enabling information U-space services scalability. The results showed the great work from the entire IMPETUS team. The event took place at EUROCONTROL on 1st of October, one day after the final CORUS dissemination event. Lots of great presentations from all of the Leer másThe U-space Big Picture Day showcased IMPETUS preliminary results[…]

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IMPETUS at RPAS CivOps Madrid 2019

The European Civil RPAS Operators & Operations forum took place past 23rd and 24th January in Madrid. Pablo Sanchez-Escalonilla , coordinator of IMPETUS project, took part in panel session 8, giving a presentation of Drone Information Management Showcase Services in U-Space. The presentation explored the characterisation of drone information needs for the highly diverse operational Leer másIMPETUS at RPAS CivOps Madrid 2019[…]

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The Challenges for the Drone Information Services in U-space

IMPETUS deliverable D2.2 has been approved! It focuses on the elucidation of the information services that will be needed to realize U-Space. Complementarily to the domain analysis conducted in the prior IMPETUS deliverable D2.1, a top-down has successfully organised all the information into a coherent operating picture that reveals: i) how drones are envisioned to be operated Leer másThe Challenges for the Drone Information Services in U-space[…]

IMPETUS Drone information users' requirements

First IMPETUS Technical Deliverable is On Air

The first technical deliverable of IMPETUS project has been approved by SESAR JU and is now public. IMPETUS D2.1 «Drone Information Users’ Requirements» addresses the information needs for drone operations in Europe. It includes a domain analysis and the results of a survey on the need of special types of information by diverse users. Drone Leer másFirst IMPETUS Technical Deliverable is On Air[…]

New LinkedIn Group for IMPETUS Discussions

The objective of the IMPETUS LinkedIn group is to communicate the progress and events of the project, as well as to exchange more general news and ideas related to the drone information management and SESAR U-Space contents. Feel free to join an invite other interested LinkedIn members.

Launch of IMPETUS Survey on Drone Information Management

IMPETUS project is taking speed as the technical work-packages progress. As part of the gathering of requirements on information needs for drone operations, the IMPETUS team has launched an online survey targeted at main stakeholders in the drone sector. The survey is designed to collect current and future needs in several categories of drone information, Leer másLaunch of IMPETUS Survey on Drone Information Management[…]